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What are the funWhat are the fuctional characteristics of industrial lift doors?

What are the funWhat are the fuctional characteristics of industrial lift doors?


Industrial doors are common facilities for enterprises. They are suitable for commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mining enterprises and other public places or residences. What are the functional characteristics of industrial lift doors?

1. Industrial door and door panel material: The door panel is made of thick double-layer galvanized steel sheet, and the interior is filled with high-density polyurethane foam material. The door panel has multiple advantages such as heat insulation, sound insulation, and thermal insulation, which is practically used in large warehouses and factory doors.

2. Industrial door fitting configuration (rails and hardware): 2.5mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is used for processing and molding, and it is carefully made by spraying, high temperature baking and other processes, which increases corrosion resistance, durability and aesthetics. The rails are lined with risers on both sides to increase strength and aesthetics.

3. Motor: special motor for industrial door, power supply 220V, power 375W ~ 550W, with manual clutch, manual operation in case of power failure or emergency.

4. Control method: CHI Hardware industrial lifting door adopts radio remote control operation or control box button operation, which can make the door body accurate positioning.

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