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What are the requirements for installing garage door panels?

What are the requirements for installing garage door panels?

1. To find the location
When installing, the position of the garage door should be accurate. Since the garage door panel has a certain thickness when installing the garage door panel, the thickness of the door panel with different functions will also be different. Therefore, for some thicker door panels, when placing The position of the door is also very important, and a certain distance needs to be left. After use or the door body is put down, it will be very neat and beautiful, and will not affect the external visual effect. Therefore, it is necessary to find the correct position during installation.
2. Need to fix door
After finding the position, you need to fix the door panel. Only after it is fixed, you can lift or lower it according to the slideway. When installing, you need to fix the position of the door body, and use professional screws to pass through the holes, you can directly Control, if it is a type with a slide, then the slide should be used more smoothly, and there should be no stuck or ineffective induction. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the slide is smooth, whether it is parallel and slides to the internal test, Whether there will be damage, etc., it can be officially installed without any impact. Therefore, the above problems need to be considered when installing the garage door panel.

3. Lift without noise
After installation, it is also necessary to check whether the door panel makes noise when it is lifted. If the noise is louder when it is lowered, or the noise is more when it is lifted, it means that during the installation process, it will rub against other materials and slip. The position of the track may be offset. This also requires timely adjustment. Therefore, during the installation process, you will pay attention to many problems, and you need to avoid these problems during the installation to be able to complete it at one time. Therefore, after determining the above several methods, it can effectively ensure that the installation process can be completed at one time.
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