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What is a garage door spring

What is a garage door spring


A spring is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. Parts made of elastic materials deform under the action of external force, and return to their original shape after the external force is removed. Also known as "spring". Generally made of spring steel. The types of springs are complex and diverse. According to the shape, there are mainly coil springs, scroll springs, leaf springs, special-shaped springs, etc.garage door Spring Introduction as follows.

The History of Garage Door Springs

Like most other basic mechanisms, metal springs have been around since the Bronze Age. Even metal, wood is used as a flexible bow and structural member for military catapults. In the Renaissance, precise clocks made precision springs a necessity for the first time. The fourteenth century saw the development of precise clocks that revolutionized celestial navigation. 

The exploration of the world and the conquest of the European colonial powers continued to power the watchmakers' science and art. Another field of firearms, propelled the development of springs. 

The Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century brought forth springs that were large, accurate and cheap. Given that watchmakers' springs are often hand-made, Electroplating Garage Door Springs are mass-produced in piano wire or similar materials.Electroplating Garage Door Springs Spring Introduction is very important.


Advanced manufacturing methods make Electroplating Garage Door Springs ubiquitous. Computer-controlled wire and sheet metal bending machines allow the machining of custom High quality garage door springs, apparently a specialized piece of machinery. The spring is just an accumulator. It has the function of storing energy, but it cannot release the energy slowly. 

To realize this function slowly, it should be realized by "spring + large transmission ratio mechanism", which is common in mechanical watches. High quality garage door springs have been used a long time ago. ancient bows and crossbows are two kinds of High quality garage door springs in a broad sense. 

The inventor of the spring should be the British scientist Robert Hooke (Robert Hooke) in the strict sense. Although helical compression springs have appeared and are widely used at that time, Hooke proposed "Hooke's Law" - the elongation of the spring and the The magnitude of the force is proportional, and it is based on this principle that in 1776, a spring balance using a helical compression spring was introduced.


Soon, the spring specially designed for clocks made according to this principle was also invented by Hooker himself. The spring that conforms to "Hooke's Law" is the real spring. The disc spring was invented by the French Belleville. It is a washer-type spring with a truncated conical section made of sheet metal or forged blanks. 

After the emergence of modern industry, in addition to disc springs, new High quality garage door springs such as gas springs, rubber springs, scroll springs, die springs, stainless steel springs, air springs, and memory alloy springs have appeared.


Development of garage door springs


Although the spring industry is a small industry in the entire manufacturing industry, its role cannot be underestimated. The country's industrial manufacturing and automobile industry should speed up the development, and the spring industry, one of the basic parts and components, needs to have an early stage of development in order to adapt to the rapid development of the country's entire industry. 

In addition, the expansion of the scale and variety of spring products and the improvement of the quality level are also the needs of the replacement of mechanical equipment and the need to improve the performance of the supporting host. Therefore, spring products play an important role in the development of the entire national industry.


The daily necessities industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness equipment, mattresses, sofas, etc., have the largest demand for springs in terms of quantity, tens of billions of pieces, with low technical requirements and very high prices. Low, generally produced by small spring factories scattered all over the country, they have unique advantages in cost, and it is difficult for large spring factories to compete with them.


As a result, new spring companies are born from time to time. In the future, the market demand will grow at an annual rate of 7% to 10%. After China's entry into the WTO, the export volume of daily hardware products has increased significantly, and the demand for springs has been driven. However, due to the impact of international market demand and trade barriers, the international market has its uncertain side.garage door Spring Introduction is very important.


F=kx, F is the elastic force, k is the stiffness coefficient (or stubborn coefficient), and x is the length of the spring stretched (or compressed). Example 1: When a spring with a stiffness coefficient of 100N/m is pulled with a force of 5N, the spring is stretched by 5cm. Example 2: When a spring is subjected to a tensile force of 10N, the total length is 7cm, and when it is subjected to a tensile force of 20N, the total length is 9cm, what is the force when the original length and elongation are 3cm?


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