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What is an automatic garage door

What is an automatic garage door


With the development of technology, garage doors have long been automated. It is also more and more popular with people. It has become the best choice when people choose garage doors. So let the editors of CHI Hardware take you to understand the automatic garage door software system.

Automatic Garage Door System

1. Design of automatic mode door operation program

In the automatic mode, the operation mode of the accurate Automatic Garage Door System mainly includes opening and closing the accurate Automatic Garage Door System, as well as some emergency situations. When the infrared device detects the car, the single-chip microcomputer will send out the door opening signal, the automatic door will automatically enter the door opening state, and when the automatic door touches the door opening limit switch, it will stop. 


When it is detected that there is no car, the accurate Automatic Garage Door System will be closed after a delay of 5s. If the car arrives in the middle, the door will be opened immediately. When the pyroelectric infrared sensor fails, there is a safety limit, and there is a car before closing the door or on the way to close the door, stop closing the door.


2.the design of the manual mode door operation program

The manual mode also includes two actions of opening and closing the door, as well as some anti-pinch functions. First, press the button to manual mode, press the door open button to start the safe Automatic Garage Door System, and when it reaches the door open limit, the door stops. Then press the door close button, and it starts to close the safe Automatic Garage Door System. When the photoelectric sensor detects that there is a car, the door close button is invalid. At the same time, when there is a car on the way of closing the door, the door closing will stop halfway. If there is no car, the door will reach the door closing limit. stop automatically.


3. Design of the main program

The main program of the automatic door control system mainly completes the initialization of the timer, the interrupt switch, the judgment of the fault, and the judgment of the automatic door mode. After the automatic safe Automatic Garage Door System program starts, it will automatically initialize, open the interrupt, and start running after judging that there is no fault. After entering the mode selection, the program will be different.


Automatic Garage Door Features

1. Automatic garage doors can be installed with anti-theft, security systems. The safety system is designed with a resistance rebound system, which can stop the door body when it encounters resistance, ensuring the safety of people and vehicles entering and exiting and protecting the service life of the door. The infrared sensor control system is designed to effectively ensure the rapid entry and exit of people and vehicles, and an anti-theft alarm system is installed. , to ensure the safety of the door. The garage door is designed to work with a backup battery after a power failure, and it can also be opened manually with a small force after a power failure.


2. The type of flap garage door of automatic garage door is divided into: color steel door garage door, wood grain door garage door, Ropskin garage door, solid wood garage door. The types of rolling shutter garage doors are divided into: ordinary rolling shutter garage doors, aluminum alloy rolling shutter garage doors, stainless steel rolling shutter garage doors, inorganic cloth fireproof rolling shutter doors and other types. 


The most common rolling shutter garage doors are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles, surface decoration electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying and other processes, with acid and alkali corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, impact resistance and scratch resistance, long service life, Strong durability, anti-theft, protection and other properties.


3. The operation program design of the automatic garage door. The operation of the automatic garage door mainly opens and closes the door. When the infrared device detects a person or a car, the single-chip microcomputer sends an opening signal, and the garage door automatically enters the open state, and when the automatic garage door touches It will stop when it reaches the door open limit switch. 


When no obstacle is detected, the door will be closed after a delay of 5s. If an obstacle is encountered in the middle of closing, the door will be opened and closed. The safety limit is designed when the infrared sensor fails. Before closing the door, there is a car in the middle to stop closing the door immediately.if you are not too interested in automated doors, you can take a look at my last issue:Introduction of Timber Garage Doors.automatic garage door systems are safe.

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