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What is the process for installing a lift garage door?

What is the process for installing a lift garage door?

1. Install Lift Garage Doors
When installing, it needs to be closed and adjusted to the closed state. After determining one end of the torsion spring, pull it up 60 to 120MM along the adjusted position. After one turn of tightening, the adjusted position is fixed with screws, so it will be more convenient during the lifting process. Since the lifting car department is different from other garage doors when it is installed, it is necessary to install During the process, there will be a certain gap, and there should be a certain gap between the springs to facilitate the lifting of the door body. Only in this way can it be more flexible after use.

2. Check if the installation is correct
After installation, you need to check whether the installation location is correct and whether it can be used reasonably during the installation process. After measuring the width and length of the door panel, it is necessary to find a balanced position at the top of it during operation, so after the test, if there is no abnormal reaction, it can be used directly. Therefore, during installation, it will be determined according to the height of the door body and its width, and when each door body is measured, because the size is different, the installation environment is also different. Therefore, when installing, it is also necessary to combine the needs of users. After the door panels at both ends are aligned, they can be more stable after use, and there will be no deviation.
3. Check if the door body is offset
Put the door next to the garage. In a closed state, one end of the door needs to be fixed and then fixed, and then the other end is adjusted with a torsion spring and tightened, so that we can determine whether it can operate normally when we use it, so Before installation, it is necessary to check the surface area of ??the door body to see if there is any scratched position, if not, it can be installed directly.

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