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What is the standard size of garage door for home use?

What is the standard size of garage door for home use?

What is the size standard for garage doors?

The width of the average family garage door is 2.2-2.8 meters, and the height is 1.8-3.4 meters. If the garage at home is large enough, you can choose a garage door with a size of 3000 by 5000mm. Generally, the width of the car is about 2 meters, and the height of the medium-sized car is about 1.6 meters. The size of the garage door is larger than the size of the car. The size standard of the garage door is related to the size of the car, as well as the area of ??the garage, the number of vehicles parked in the garage and other factors.

What are the types of garage doors?

According to the materials commonly used in garage doors:

1. Rolling shutter garage door

The roller shutter is made of high-strength 6063T5 aluminum alloy double (single) extruded. 6063 is a universal alloy in the world and has a wide range of applications, especially in various construction industries. It is used to produce light components such as doors and windows, as well as sanitary and office appliances. Aluminum alloys starting with 6 indicate that magnesium and silicon are the main alloying elements, which have good corrosion resistance, strong welding performance, good cold working performance and moderate strength.

2, flap garage door

Microcomputer program control, easy to use, just press the remote control handle, and the motor comes with automatic delay lighting. No noise, green and environmental protection. It is easy to switch on and off during a power outage. Rebound in case of resistance to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. The principle is scientific, the door has a built-in torsion spring, and the torsion force is equal to the weight of the door, so that the door body is in a "zero weight" state, and it runs on pulleys in the track, so the resistance is small, the energy consumption is low, the maintenance rate is low, and it is durable. The parts are easy to disassemble and update, which is conducive to maintenance.

3. Solid wood garage door

The solid wood garage door structure adopts a 2.0 mm steel frame structure, and the latest anti-pinch design elements are input. Each door panel adopts two upper and lower steel plates, which are processed into an anti-pinch shape by cold-rolling equipment. The slotted solid wood door panel is embedded in the steel frame. Spot welding equipment is used to connect the gear and the anti-pinch hand steel structure, and the welding point is flat and firm.

How to install the garage door?

1. Installation track

If you want to install the garage door, the first step is to install the track. All we need to do is to determine the specific installation position of the two tracks according to the height and width of the garage door. The tools used are a level. Horizontal pipes, etc., and then fix them with nails after determining the position.

2. Install the wire rope

The next step is to install the wire rope. First, fix the flange, locking flange, rubber ring, reel, and spring. Here, pay attention to the weight of the spring to match the weight of the garage door. At the same time, pay attention to the correctness when installing small parts. order.

3. Install the door panel

After the rails and springs are installed, the next step is to install the door panel. First, install the sealing strip on the bottom of the [] panel, then fix it on the door panel with nails, and then install the bottom wheel brackets on both sides of the door panel. Use nails Word fixed. After lubricating the pulleys, place the garage door panel horizontally in the track.

4. Install the torsion spring

The installation method of the torsion spring is relatively simple. We only need to put the torsion spring on the reel and it will be 0K. However, this is a very dangerous step, so be careful not to get hurt.

5. Install the motor
After the track and door panel are officially installed, it is the installation of the motor. First connect and fix the garage door chain box to the motor, and then fix the U-shaped frame to the wooden board above the center bracket of the torsion spring. The upper end is fixed to it with two expansion screws, and the hook is connected, that is, the installation of the handle and the lock, and the installation is completed.

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