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What should I do if the wire rope of the garage door breaks?

What should I do if the wire rope of the garage door breaks?


The wire rope used in the garage door can play the role of spring tension when the garage door rises upwards, so as to reduce the load of the motor. If there is no wire rope, it will easily cause the motor to be damaged due to excessive load after a long time.

When the steel rope breaks in your garage door, pay attention to check from the following aspects:

1. Whether the wire diameter specification of the wire rope meets the load-bearing requirements, if it does not meet the requirements, replace it in time.

2. Whether the accessories such as the roller hinge and the steel wire rope are rubbing, causing damage to the steel wire rope. If any wire rope damage is found, check whether there is friction, if any, remove it in time.

3. The wire rope has been used for too long, and no maintenance work such as lubrication and rust removal has been done. Check all parts of the wire rope, add lubricating oil to the parts to be lubricated, and clean the rust.

The wire rope of CHI Hardware Garage door has fallen off. What is the reason?

The main reasons are: the strength of the torsion spring of the garage door is not enough or not in place, the tension of the left and right springs on the garage door is different, and the garage door spring balance system has not adjusted these three aspects.

At this time, we need to adjust the balance system of the garage door in time, especially the force on the torsion spring, so that the spring tightness of the left and right sides of the garage door can be consistent to solve the problem of wire rope falling off.

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