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Where does the fast speed door perform “ Fast”?

Where does the fast speed door perform “ Fast”?


Today, in industrial and commercial environments, the use of Fast speed door is becoming more and more widespread. But do you really know the "quick" of fast speed doors? Next, let's talk about the "quick" of fast speed doors.

As the name implies, the quick door must be fast, that is, the opening and closing speed must be fast enough, so as to ensure fast passage, which can effectively improve work efficiency and isolate inside and outside. In this regard, some quick door manufacturers only emphasize the opening speed because of technical problems, but do not talk about the closing speed, which ultimately mislead customers.

In fact, if the fast speed door is closed too slowly, it will not only improve work efficiency, but also cause outside air, dust and dirt to flow into the room. Once this happens, it will not only cause unnecessary losses, but also increase energy consumption .

The fast speed door can realize fast operation during the entire opening and closing cycle, which can improve the passing rate, reduce indoor and outdoor air exchange, thereby improving work efficiency, reducing energy loss, and maintaining the cleanliness of the interior of the workshop.

 Therefore, the fast rolling shutter is widely used not only because of its "fast" speed, but also the quality of the fast rolling shutter is the core.

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