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Which material is more practical for garage door panels?

Which material is more practical for garage door panels?

The specifications of the garage door panel and the torque generated are related to the weight of the garage door itself. In principle, they are balanced against each other, and a spring that is too strong or too weak will not work, so I must first figure out the specifications of the original spring.


When pulling the motor chain, whether the curtain rises or falls, the chain will idling when it falls. If the chain is pulled up in the correct way, the chain will obviously have a strong force. While pulling, check whether the curtain rises. The rising speed of this process is It is very slow, it takes about 15 minutes, and it is much faster to put it down. Grab the seven-shaped handle on the motor part and pull it down hard, and the door body will naturally fall, and there is no need to pull it with a chain.

Grasp the spring case of the torsion spring with your hand and hold it upward facing the person. Remove the screws on both sides of the manual frame, and then remove the spring screws of the manual shutter door. After the new ones are put on according to the original removed springs, fix the screws. The most critical step - tighten the spring, in the opposite direction when disassembling, tighten it to the ideal resistance and replace it.



Grasp the spring shell of the torsion spring with your hand facing the direction of the person. Be sure to grasp it upwards. After grasping it with your left hand, remove the hook piece with your right hand. The steel sill must be higher than 80 cm of the door body. Remove the previous screws, install the manual shutter door spring, tighten the spring to the best resistance, and hang the hook piece.

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