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Shutter sinking?

by:Chi     2020-05-18
Shutter increasing application in private garage and factories, the shutter is easy to operate, simple and practical, is the first selection of garage doors and industrial doors, but improper use shutter will appear the phenomenon of sinking, can it do? 1, find out if the shutter sinking case shall timely check because the installation does not reach the designated position, parts installed loose cause. 2, check the shutter door hinge for fixed screw on any traces of loose, if become loose, timely use tools to tighten. 3, the use of shutter note don't let a hard object and the hydrodynamic collision, so as to avoid deformation in the rolling door, which affect service life. If discover the shutter sinking of the above reasons, please contact the manufacturer for repair, specializing in the production of a variety of maintenance garage doors, doors, rapid doors and other kinds of door, you are welcome to inquire.
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