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Solid wood garage door not cracking method

by:Chi     2020-05-11
1, first of all, there is a set block awning, the rainwater can be directly spray the wood garage door; 2, door plank up besides the influence of natural environment, also associated with the deformation degree of material itself. 3, can use small deformation of material, and good control the moisture content of materials; 4, according to the local natural conditions, we produce all kinds of wood doors must carry on the drying process, and to return more than a week, give material enough curing period, make the moisture content of material stable at about 12%, and then began to add 5, in addition the moisture content of material during production to control well, too, from the open thought semi-finished products until a hand in the paint before all needs to ensure that material is not moisture absorption, moisture content does not rise. This would require the material in a timely manner in the constant temperature room to keep the moisture content of lumber is not rising. 6, in the process, through the different knot of falcon structure, the door structure deformation can place one of the most important, in the deformation of strip, so that the deformation into the smallest. Don't ring should take the appearance of the door and use.
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