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Solid wood garage door product features

by:Chi     2020-05-10
1, solid wood garage door door plank: ( 1) Of the wood mixed with aluminum material. ( 2) Sliding doors on the bottom with black rubber rubber sealing strip. 2, open the door machine: adopt Germany som solid garage door to open the door machine, free maintenance, quality and stability. Lower noise power stronger, more stable operation, energy saving of 70%. Rising and falling forces can be adjusted according to actual condition to appropriate, to reduce the loss to minimum. Open the door machine function: blocked rebound, 30 - remote control distance 50 meters, with two remote control, two keys. 3, hardware accessories: ( 1) Guide material USES 1. 5 mm of baosteel cold rolling steel plate production, the silver plating. ( 2) Roller adopt high strength wear resistant poly (methyl cutting engineering plastics, POM embedded ball bearing. ( 3) Door hinge adopts the 1. 5 of baosteel cold rolling steel plate production, the silver plating. ( 4) Wire coil adopts high strength aluminum alloy composition. 4, real wood garage door: (balance system 1) Balancer using torsional spring balance system. ( 2) Balancing system casing are made of galvanized steel pipe. ( 3) Torsional spring add 65 mn material, increase the level of fatigue resistance, extend 2 - Three times the service life.
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