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Telescopic door avoid vibration during operation

by:Chi     2020-05-27
Due to higher material, many manufacturers in the production process to reduce some material, make the whole of the telescopic door product quality level declined. The decrease of the quality of the material and parts GengHuanLv high, easy to wear or cracking, coarsely, etc. And other companies to reduce cost, used the electric door with quality problems, and this kind of electric door failure rate is very big, this is also increase the maintenance personnel work of an important reason. Blind imitation design, development cycle is short, the craft level is low, the material and the lack of strict control of product inspection. With electric telescopic door equipment safety supervision regulations, must be conducted for electric door twice each month maintenance. Every half a month, and specified by monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, electric door basic project implementation and maintenance of each year. Among them, the regulations for half a month there are 26 maintenance projects, such as alarm, communication system should be reliable and efficient, and capsules in emergency lighting should be able to work properly, the button should be fully effective, electric door should be smooth and no vibration at run time, flat layer precision to meet the standard requirements, automatic door clip protection function normal. 43 maintenance projects a month, half a year of maintenance project of 66, a year has reached 74. In addition to numerous check project to have theoretical knowledge, in the daily inspection table also requires electric door maintenance personnel using 'inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking, listen to' approach, understanding the operation of the electric door quality in real time. 'Hope' for electric door room, capsules and other parts of the equipment whether anomaly and judgment to the naked eye; 'Smell' that is the key equipment and key parts to confirm whether there is peculiar smell; 'Q' is the feeling of the understanding by ladder personnel; 'Hear' is in the room or take electric door feeling sound situation does exist. Found to have different sound, sound, smell, and take the ladder personnel reflect abnormal situation. Electric telescopic door, the industry is bound to good quality, otherwise there will be a lot of problems.
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