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The classification of the garage door

by:Chi     2020-04-04
Garage door remote control, induction, electric, manual are the main types. The remote control, induction, electric can be referred to as automatic garage door. Manual garage door and automatic garage door is the main difference between no motor. Automatic garage door is mainly classified as: shutter garage door, shutter garage door, turn the garage door. Book garage door are: ordinary shutter garage door, stainless steel shutter garage door, aluminum alloy shutter garage door, foaming, inorganic fire shutter door screens and so on. On the market the most common book garage door made of aluminum alloy extrusion profile, surface through electrostatic powder coating, fluorine carbon spraying process, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistance, no rust, scratch resistance and other properties, durability is strong, long service life and strength, has the security, protection, such as performance, so use the most extensive. Garage door: turning caigang a scooter ropers garage door, door gold garage doors, wood doors, garage doors, solid wood garage doors garage doors can be installed anti-theft, security system, such as drop in resistance rebound system, the facility can stop door meet resistance, both to protect the personal and vehicle in and out of safety, and protect door and reliable use; Infrared sensor control system, the effective protection of people, vehicles, pet in and out of safety; Anti-theft alarm system, when someone pry the door speakers that will sound an alarm, to protect security. At the same time there is the function of power outages backup battery work, don't need to manually open the door after blackout. Here are several common types of garage door to do detailed introduction:
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