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The classification of the shutter

by:Chi     2020-05-15
The classification of the shutter: shutter believe everyone is very familiar with, the streets shops are mostly equipped with rolling door. Hefei book door factory is specialized in manufacturing doors manufacturers, factory production of doors according to open form classification has the following kinds: 1. Manual shutter. With the help of shutter center shaft torsional spring balance of power, achieve the goal of manual pull the shade. 2. Electric shutter. With special motor drives the shutter central axis rotation to shutter switch, when the rotation to the upper and lower limit set motor automatically stop. Rolling door motor are: external doors, door machine, tubular, inorganic double curtain doors, fire doors, rapid rolling door machine, etc. According to the shutter door piece material divided into inorganic cloth, grid shutter, aluminum alloy doors, crystal shutter, stainless steel doors, choi steel doors, shutter. According to the type of installation is divided into a wall, lateral wall ( Or hole, hole) Two kinds. According to the open direction into roll-up and lateral volume two. According to use can be divided into ordinary shutter, wind, fire shutter, fast shutter door screens, electric Australian ( Quiet) The shutter.
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