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The introduction of rolling door motor

by:Chi     2020-05-16
Knowledge is up and running characteristics of rolling door motor, low noise, light weight, low power consumption, small vibration, power can also be manually operation, and thermal protection device, can prevent damage of motor burn out and shutter, convenient and quick, the structure is: engine, gear reducer, manual operating mechanism, stop, switch button, stents, sprocket, electromagnetic brake and so on, the motor installed shutter opened and closed as long as the operation of the switch button, will automatically stop after rolling door in place. If going to stay in the middle, can in volume up or down, the stop button operation. Electric doors have an advantage is that in the case of power failure, can be manually operation, hand ring chain, door slowly rising, after putting in place to stop pulling, avoid by all means more than the original limit height, pulled off so as not to block was damaged. Gently pull rod weight, volume constant speed down, close to closing, should loosen the whereabouts rod weight, and then pull to achieve full close at a time. Note: press 'on' and 'down' button, if no action, should immediately press the 'stop' button in the middle. Limit mechanism should be taken before commissioning to loosen the lock screw, and then use hand pull ring chain curtain doors from the ground 1 meter or so, try to 'on' and 'stop' and 'down' button, observe the door up, stop, drop all functions are sensitive and reliable, if normal the curtain can be up or down to you to determine the location of the gyration limit, a screw to adjust the touch to the micro switch roller, after hearing the 'drop' sound, screw lock screw, debugging repeatedly, the limit to achieve the best position, then hard with his fingers tighten the screw aus should be installed, door curtain reel should be concentric, level, the slice without sluggish card phenomenon. Adjust the chain prolapse degree is 6 - 10毫米( Before hanging curtain in the rotation adjustment) 。 Aus power supply external power cable section is not less than 1 mm especially pay attention to the characteristic of moisture proof, rain, avoid electronic electrical short circuit, lead to shutter motor burn out. Three-phase aus power phase sequence is not allowed to pick up the, should immediately stop when up get down, adjusted the phase sequence, can normal use. Otherwise it will cause shutter control header, which seriously damage the door curtain. Aus must be reliable grounding, avoid shock; Grounding screw in the chain on the supporting plate.
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