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The main classification garage door

by:Chi     2020-04-06
Garage door remote control, induction, electric, manual are the main types. The remote control, induction, electric can be referred to as automatic garage door. Manual garage door and automatic garage door is the main difference between no motor. Automatic garage door is mainly classified as: shutter garage door, shutter garage door, turn the garage door. Book garage door are: ordinary shutter garage door, stainless steel shutter garage door, aluminum alloy shutter garage door, foaming, inorganic fire shutter door screens and so on. Is the most common of shutter door car on the market for aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, surface through electrostatic powder coating, fluorine carbon spraying process, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistance, no rust, scratch resistance and other properties, durability is strong, long service life and strength, has the security, protection, such as performance, so use the most extensive. Garage door: turning caigang a scooter ropers garage door, door gold garage doors, wood doors, garage doors, solid wood garage doors garage doors can be installed anti-theft, security system, such as drop in resistance rebound system, the facility can stop door meet resistance, both to protect the personal and vehicle in and out of safety, and protect door and reliable use; Red perimeter sensor control system, the effective protection of people, vehicles, pet in and out of safety; Anti-theft alarm system, when someone pry the door speakers that will sound an alarm, to protect security. There is the function of power outage for battery work at the same time, don't need to manually open the door after blackout. Below, we give detailed introduction of several commonly used types of garage door, shutter shutter shade adopts high intensity t5 aluminium alloy 6063 pairs ( Single) Layer extrusion. 6063 is the world common alloy, the applicable scope is wide, especially various kinds of construction industry, for the production of doors, Windows and other lightweight components and health, office appliance. Expressed in 6 at the beginning of aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying element, its good corrosion resistance, weldability, cold work performance is good, moderate intensity. Book garage door product characteristics: 1, the slice thickness of double layer 0. 8mm - 1. 5 mm, biggest production can be up to 9 m - 14 m ( Models from 60 to the slice 120). , 4 m - biggest production width 12 meters. The largest wind resistance level 11. 2, choose a diameter of 80 mm - door screens 165 mm shaft, 80 - 100 mm 6063 t5 aluminum alloy guide rail. 3, surface treatment: electrostatic powder coating, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean, color long durability. Surface treatment of the lacquer that bake, durable weathering resistance to the sun, rain, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, meet slight collision after can bounce back, such as damage can do single slice to replace, can join daylighting profiles in the slice between the sunshine to your car. 4, a variety of installation options including dressing, built-in, pack is installed, demand for space is not high. Do not take up the garage door interior space installation simple working fast to save time and beautiful fashion appearance. 5, safety protection device: can be attached to install infrared correlation systems and wireless remote control, optimal Thailand shutter garage door has the independent research and development of automatic doors security interlock, door itself weight achieve prevent theft, safer. 6, electric shutter garage door for ac tubular motor or external motor drive, 220 v or 110 v, save electricity, safe, quiet, with thermal protection device. UPS backup power supply can be configured manually or chain, to prevent power outages case body can normal open it. The flap gate 1, microcomputer program control, easy to use, according to the remote control handle can, and the motor with automatic delay floodlight. 2, super mute, green environmental protection. 3, blackout emergency lock, easy to switch. 4, safe, strong, double color plate, door plank thickness 4 - always Among 5 cm, door adopt internationally recognized heat preservation and heat insulation sound insulation material - — Polyurethane. 5, beautiful, elegant, concise and easy. 6, blocked rebound, the car safety guarantee. 7, the principle of science, gate built-in torsional spring, torsion, and the weight of the door, the door is in a state of 'zero weight', and operated pulley in orbit, so the small resistance, less energy consumption, low maintenance rate, prolonged bears. 8, disassemble parts and update the convenient for maintenance. 9, insulation resistance, wind resistance, sealing is good. Door plank features: 1, the appearance of fine lines, anaglyph body surface irregularities in powder coating texture, has strong emboss effect, both increased the strength, also the beauty is generous. 2, high strength double dip galvanizing quality of steel plate, and double spray coating (longevity Pure polyester) , strong corrosion resistance. 3, high quality steel wrapped outside the inner and outer attached together, better with two wall seal. 4, for high solid polyurethane foam sandwich layer, can increase the heat preservation sound insulation effect. 5, at the bottom of the door has a 'U' type sealing strip, more cold wind. Motor characteristics: 1, automatic delay floodlight: when open or close the garage door, lighting the lamp 2. 5 - Automatically shut down after 5 minutes. 2, free maintenance, dc motor, power strong, smooth operation, the voice is the lowest. 3, ring type transformer, energy saving rate 70% 4, planetary gear switch, hall element sensor, pulse. 5, process control, convenient operation, complete function. Hardware accessories: 1, guide material USES 1. 5 mm of baosteel cold rolling steel plate production, the silver plating. 2, roller adopt high strength wear resistant poly JiaYou all engineering plastics, POM embedded ball bearing. 3, door hinge material by 1. 5 mm of baosteel cold rolling steel plate production, the silver plating. 4, steel wire coil adopts high strength aluminum alloy composition. 5, expansion screws using special hot galvanizing. Real wood door
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