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The main performance of induction door

by:Chi     2020-04-29
Induction door is suitable for hotels, hotels, Banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc. , application is very broad. : 1, convenient installation is not affected by the post and the gate of the structure of the original, any open flat can convenient installation, does not destroy the original structure; To post, the shape of v, the hydrodynamic, size, no special requirements; 2, effective thrust: open the door machine in the gate to open one of the best stress point ( From the farthest hinge) On the job, the efficiency of 100%, as long as the single person can push the door can work reliably; 3, small to the hydrodynamic force: due to the stress point best, maximum efficiency, so the screws in the hydrodynamic forces on the minimum, the hydrodynamic structure will not deformation; 4, can open the ultra wide doors: due to work in the furthest away from the door pivot, and the force direction is always the same as the direction of the door, so no matter how wide door all can easy opening and closing; 5, can make the door for 0 ~ 360 degrees super-wide free opening and closing; 6, bring their own lock: after the door closed, open the door function reliable lock itself, don't need to add the electric lock; 7, high intelligent: due to the machine with linkage electric lock, and so are free to set the right and left the door open order, any given a door open, the rebound blocked, auto stop when stopped in traffic, automatic convicted a car or left automatically shut down, and there are value-added interface with sensillum, card reader/password, modern intelligent entrance guard system; 8, power consumption province, due to open the door of high efficiency, the required power is small, so the power consumption provinces; 9, limited position switch, easy to control, limit, accuracy, stability, do not make motor, institutional overload; 10, small institutions under stress, long service life; 11, streamline appearance, compact and beautiful.
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