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The market is developing the potential of China's door industry

by:Chi     2020-05-03
In electric door products, such as industrial doors, garage doors, shutter dosage of market is also growing at 20% to 30%; 2009 is given priority to with sliding door, revolving door, automatic door, total sales reached 2 billion yuan. According to statistics, China domestic brand 102, 20 large producers, international brand 11, in the high-end market, the foreign brands still have the advantage, in the mid-market is tied with foreign brand market share. According to the China construction metal structure association latest statistics show that China's door industry output value in 100 billion yuan of above. In the process of rapid development of China's door industry, the emergence of a batch of big leader. Such as Beijing, industry and trade co. , LTD in China took the lead in nanometer photo transfer printing technology and programming process building materials field, its research and development of steel wood carving craft, new technology opens up a security doors, both appearance and the structure not only promote the development of the security door, also have very high research value to other industries, in China's building materials industry has realized the breakthrough, fills in a gap in China's door industry. In March 2010, the international building materials show in nuremberg, Germany, China has more than 20 enterprises exhibition, show the image of Chinese products and companies.
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