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The methods of dealing with the induction door door leaf stop running

by:Chi     2020-04-26
Now generally refers to the induction of the door is to point to: translation induction door open induction door, peace 'induction' refers to an open model of automatic door. Next stop running small make up to bring us induction door door leaf processing method: first to see if there was to automatic sending unit. First, check the mobile doors if there is a phenomenon of mop the floor, if you have this phenomenon, the door at startup with difficulty, main controller will run for disabled protection, make a stop running. Second, check the door leaf sling pulley is part from off track, if there is the phenomenon, unit will walk, happened to the general characters and door leaf impact often occurs after the fault. At last, please pay attention to the sensing automatic doors are installed 'safe' light for safety by light on some of the light dust cover can also cause misoperation, the automatic control for main object in the middle of the door leaf, close to stop.
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