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The principle and coding mode of garage door remote control

by:Chi     2020-03-26
Garage door remote control for the carrier frequency is fixed, so its some simple circuit than radio. Receiving department in general is divided into two types, namely the superheterodyne and super-regenerative reception mode, also called super-regenerative super-regenerative demodulation circuit detection circuit, it is actually work in the regeneration of the intermittent oscillation condition detection circuit. Face under the wireless remote control to do a simple introduction: wireless remote control ( 射频遥控器) Is the use of a radio signal to the distance of various institutions to control the remote control equipment. Our country open spectrum defined as 315 MHZ, and Europe and the United States and other countries designated as 433 MHZ, and products are exported to the countries should use 433 MHZ remote control. Superheterodyne demodulation circuit is the same as the early, it is to set up a local oscillation circuit to generate oscillation signal, and receives the carrier frequency signal after mixing, intermediate frequency ( General for 465 KHZ) Signal, through the intermediate frequency amplifier and detection, demodulation of the data signal. In need far intervals to penetrate or non-directional control field, is like a garage door remote control, industrial control, etc. , using radio remote control is easy to solve. These signals are far away, after receiving device to receive instructions or drive a variety of other corresponding mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete all sorts of manipulation, such as closed circuit, mobile handle, start the motor, then need to by these mechanical manipulation. Commonly used encoding [wireless remote control 2] There are two types, namely fixed code and move code, move code is fixed code into the level of product, every confidentiality requirements of the situation, the current move encoding is used. As a kind of supplement with infrared remote control remote control type, next to the garage door, electric door, gate remote control, anti-theft alarm, industrial control, and has been widely used in the field of wireless intelligent household. Generally speaking, a garage door remote control usually USES the remote control of the radio remote control, rather than the infrared remote control, because of the commonly used infrared remote control compared with home appliance, radio remote control has the following advantages, radio remote control is to use radio waves to transmit control signals, its characteristic is omnidirectional, can control and interval is not 'face' ( Up to tens of meters, even several kilometers) And easily affected by electromagnetic interference. Fire department generally divided into two types, namely remote control and emission module, remote control and remote control module is for use, the remote control can be used independently as a machine, external lead wiring pile head; And remote control module to use when a component in the circuit, according to the pin definition for application, use of remote control module is seamless connection and application circuit, small volume, low price and everything, but the user must truly understand circuit principle, otherwise is still use the remote control to it. Wireless remote control common carrier frequency is 315 MHZ or 433 MHZ, use the remote control is the national designated open frequencies, within this spectrum, transmission power, scope of cover is less than 100 m or less than 10 mw does not exceed the scope of this unit, you can need not through 'radio management committee for examination and approval and free to use. Garage door today are divided into several, remote control, induction, electric, manual and shanxi [garage door remote control 1] Is the remote control garage doors opening and closing device. Move code encoding method has the following advantages: 1, secrecy is strong, every time after launch automatically replaced code, others can't use 'investigation code' get address code; Large capacity of 2, coding, address code number more than 100000 sets, using the probability of 'weight code' in the tiny; 3, to the code easily, move code learning memory function, does not need to use iron, can at the scene of the user to code, and a receiver can learn into as many as 14 different emitter, has high degree of flexibility in the use; 4, small error, because the coding on the upper hand, makes the receiver in the misoperation when didn't receive the machine code is almost zero. Fixed code coding capacity was only 6561, probability weight code, the code value can see through the solder connections are, or at the scene of the use of 'investigation code' to get, so do not have privacy, is mainly used in secrecy occasions with low requirements, due to its low price so it has received a lot of application. Commonly used in wireless remote control system with general transmitting and receiving two departments. Superheterodyne receiver not disorderly, high agility and good anti-interference ability is relatively; Super-regenerative type of receiver is small in size, the price is cheap.
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