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The role of industrial door on the door of the spring is

by:Chi     2020-05-05
Industrial door spring main function is a balanced, lighten the load of the motor. Spring force and the power of door quite is the ideal state of configuration. The spring force big, the door will automatically upgrade to wear track. Spring force is small, the motor with fixed or waste. Spring is not good, no problem at that time, soon no power. Spring's main dimension tolerance 1, spring diameter tolerance for the inner diameter of the basic size of D1 + 1. 0%. 2, spring the free length of H0 size for reference. 3, spring the tolerance of total number of laps for the total number of ring n1 + 1. 0%. Form a complete set of all manual garage door spring the total number of circle should strictly control the tolerance requirement for the total number of turns of n1 + 0. 5%. 4, spring under free condition, should have no pull at the beginning of gap between circle and circle should be less than 0. After installation of 2 mm, in order to prevent the appearance of 'S' shape curve. 5, spring load ( Unit: N) A, the experimental load tolerance allowed for the use of load plus or minus 2. 0%. B, spring work under load deformation must be in the spring the range of 40% ~ 75% of the deformation. 6, spring stiffness, Unit: kg/mm) Spring stiffness is unit work load ( G) door's total weight With the total torsional degree ( The hydrodynamic hoisting height F) The ratio of the.
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