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The working principle of the induction door

by:Chi     2020-05-20
In daily life, we often see the induction door, widely used in stores and Banks such as the entrance gate. Induction door is mainly refers to the door switch of a control system by means of induction to complete open closed another category, and can be divided by the different methods of induction and microwave induction door, touch induction door, infrared ray induction door, charge induction door, etc. The working principle of induction door: inductive probe sensing to people or objects close to, will be the pulse signal transmitted to the host controller, and then the host controller after the judge informed the motor running, at the same time monitoring motor revolutions, in order to inform the motor torque and at specific time into the slow running. Do after the motor have been running current is running, the power to the synchronous belt, again by synchronous belt to transmit power to sling system make the doors open; By the controller to determine after doors open, usually within a certain period of time ( Time is determined by the place, can be set by the administrator) If there is no moving object door in the middle, inductive probe to shut down the signal from the host controller, so, just finished a open to close. Staff from the door or gate to normal speed induction door, induction automatic door should automatically open, the action of sensing automatic doors should be smooth and no collision occurs; Sensing automatic doors opened, people with normal speed through the induction door, induction automatic door should remain open. When staff leave after induction automatic door sensors induction area, 1 - in delay After 10 seconds ( Length can be made by induction parameters to set the automatic door switch) , induction goalkeeper automatically shut down automatically, the action of sensing automatic doors should be smooth and no collision occurs. High-grade controller of automatic sliding door, have auto reverse function program: no matter in the process of opening or closing, when encounter obstacles or door body movement direction, realize automatic door to the opposite direction. This is a very important safety, protection function, to prevent the touch people or things at the same time, will not burn out by overload protection induction automatic gantry crane. Then, when the door in the back automatically perform learning program, can't have any signal interference, otherwise, the microprocessor will continue to carry out my study program. If long time not back to normal, will appear failure or dysfunction.
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