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Unique characteristics of the description of the garage door

by:Chi     2020-04-03
Main content in automatic garage door door opener circuit board development, including the main circuit board and control board. Technical and economic indexes of remote control as a learning type, respectively, stop, close function; Opening force and closing rebound size is adjustable; Digital adjustable; Can install infrared protection devices; Open and close the door when acceleration and deceleration cushion. A, garage door remote control, induction, electric, manual are the main types. The remote control, induction, electric can be referred to as automatic garage door. Manual garage door and automatic garage door is the main difference between no motor. Automatic garage door now mainly classified as: frame garage doors and shutter garage door, USES the example of automatic garage door. B, garage door because a variety of different specifications have no fixed style, roughly is customized according to customer's demand. If you have needs you can telephone advice or website automatic door shutter garage door. Product specification and design is complete. Book garage door is the feature of saving installation space, door light, beautiful, color diversity, fast production cycle, wind resistance, good permeability; Especially suitable for low lintel, appearance, and humid warehouse garage. Version of C, automatic garage door product characteristics: 1, microcomputer program control, easy to use, according to the remote control handle can, and the motor with automatic delay floodlight. 2, super mute, green environmental protection. 3, blackout emergency lock, easy to switch. 4, safe, strong, double color plate, door plank thickness 4 - always Among 5 cm, door adopt internationally recognized heat preservation and heat insulation sound insulation material - — Polyurethane. 5, beautiful, elegant, concise and easy. 6, blocked rebound, the car safety guarantee. 7, the principle of science, gate built-in torsional spring, torsion, and the weight of the door, the door is in a state of 'zero weight', and operated pulley in orbit, so the small resistance, less energy consumption, low maintenance rate, and durable. 8, disassemble parts and update the convenient for maintenance.
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