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Use industrial door the note

by:Chi     2020-05-06
Will look from strong sex, industrial door all parts according to the needs of users to design and consumption. Door plank is for the use of industrial doors, and the special design, has a high quality appearance process of disposal of caigang composite panels, color variety, to meet the needs of different users. Door plank in continuous online consumption, guarantee the quality of the balance, plus regular quality inspection makes the quality of the door plank was impeccable. Industrial door use pay attention to matters of five, so as not to affect the use of industrial door life: 4 wd jiujiang Windows - Jiujiang portal - - jiangxi province's largest newspaper Jiangnan metropolis daily net media. 1, industrial door machine continuous operation time can't exceed 10 minutes. Otherwise, will make up the oil temperature is too high and overflow. 2, please placed in a certain height, the control box to avoid the children had no intention of touch. Safeguard the remote control at the same time, to stop the children touch or play, to avoid the risk. 3, such as industrial doors equipped with door, according to the standard, peace must be equipped with a small door lock switch, and the door switch with a soft line connected to the electric cabinet. 。 4, in the industrial door door guide device at the end of the mechanical limit installation, in case the door slide limit failure derailed, damage incurred render personal and wealth. 。 5, industrial doors, pedestrians and vehicles are forbidden to open and close by, stop with the hand to touch any part of the door.
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