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Using fast shutter need to pay attention to several points

by:Chi     2020-05-25
Using fast shutter note 1, fast shutter is flame retardant in public places, fire partition important fire fighting measures. It is mechanical and electrical integrated functional partition products, so the fast shutter should always be installed in the normal state. 2, rapid rolling door in use process, special equipment shall have the personnel use and care, and have certain basic knowledge of electrical and mechanical. 3, fast shutter, in the process of manipulation using manipulate staff shall not leave the place that should be tightly close attention to open/close situation and execution, will not permit standing, walking under the shade when opening and closing. In order to prevent the travel switch failure, roller shutters jammed, motor and other accidents. 4, fast shutter should be timely maintenance of the rail system, and to do a good job of maintenance on-site, has grown two millimeters each shutter, keep on record on file. 5, not for a long time opening and closing of shutter necessary maintenance once a year, content to eliminate dust there, debugging, etc. 6, fast shutter once found abnormal situation during operation shall immediately take emergency measures to block the input power source, troubleshooting.
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