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What about the lead time of overhead door safety from placing a order to delivery?
This is reliant on the order quantity of overhead door safety and the production schedule of Chi Hardware Corporation Limited. We have the word that the processing of the order will be as quick as possible. This is done in order. Once the demand is high, the production line will reach its full potential. We have good control over every manufacturing process. It takes a certain amount of time.

Chi takes pride in manufacturing high quality best garage door rollers. We are receiving many compliments both in China and international market. According to the material, Chi's products are divided into several categories, and garage door window is one of them. The raw materials of our team tube shaft are high quality, which is strictly selected from suppliers. Its size and shape can be customized according to different doors. LED doesn't fail abruptly and relatively has a long useful life. This reduces the cost in terms of maintenance and reduces your headache for periodical replacements. It can withstand water or moisture corrosion.

Enthusiastically participating in the task of serving customers and creating value is important for our team in the future. Inquire!
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