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What are the automatic induction door safety factors

by:Chi     2020-04-17
The current automatic induction door industry, after such a long time of development, the internal competition is very big, every day there are many production producers to join in this industry. If you want to keep the industry leading position. Have to constantly development, to make themselves more high quality production of automatic induction door. So in this environment, automatic induction door technology level of progress is very big. Automatic induction door now can not only satisfy with specialization, in the aspect of safety but also to meet certain requirements, and because the market a lot of good and evil people mixed up, for the safety of a project but also played a large role. In general, we are a professional automatic door company Caesar automatic doors, and security is the most important thing to notice, that is the main place to protect the safety of automatic induction door, but due to its automatic induction door need to close the door to open the door back and forth every day, automatic door machine system is automatic induction door part, an important. So the foundation in automatic induction door safety is very important. Now, automatic induction door in the design, considering the material is very seriously, after all, automatic induction door for long time use, a lot of people to have a lot of concerns about the stability, in addition to the foundation and the guarantee of the internal structure of materials is also very important, the current automatic induction door to do in this regard is still quite good of, can do double clip, can be used together with entrance guard system, in these areas are already fairly consider.
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