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What are the garage door installation steps

by:Chi     2020-04-12
Garage door status lights flashing, 3 hold 'reduce the keys'. Door to close the door direction at the same time, the lower limit of a loose after 'minimize button' at this time by 'increase' and 'reduce the key' fine-tuning) Press 'set', confirm the current position for the lower limit, status lights blink after go out, 'loosen' Settings button 'lower end of the study. Device electric garage door manufacturer's instructions. Once assembled, 1 after assembling the garage door open. Take measurement orbit at the end of the month, so that the motor. Cut out of orbit, so as to adapt to a hacksaw or power seal to see if available. Logo, 2 garage door opening must attach importance to the ceiling joist. Once you find with stud lookup. Let you know where you screw in inches. The transition of a frame hanging bracket assembly the motor on the ceiling joist. Please make sure not to vertical adjusting range, 3 with Angle steel. Make your vertical is a bit long. You can cut short later. The door of the screw head stents. To be sure you have solid wood. If the title is not strong case you need it lags behind, the center of the four door frame. Nail a piece of 2 by 8 x10 or two by the end of the bolt and the parentheses lag 5 elevator rail head stents and pins to place. Leave the motor end track someone hands you movement on the floor in the circuit. Hold it and he opened the garage door. Now you can use the garage door as the weight of the continental shelf at motor work. Set a 2 x4 end ( 3 - 1/2 high) On the door, six standing on a ladder. Then set the trace 2 x4 it will hold the next step of the unveiling of the perfect location and then bolt framework. 7 delay frame you set up earlier to the ceiling joist. Screw lift arm at the door, 8 use parentheses. 9 center according to track if the infrared beam is broken, the infrared sensor will be installed security law. There are two: a transmitter and a receiver. The two units to each other from either side of the door. The door doesn't work the screw of the receiver and intonation transmitter and other paths of the motor housing. Adjust electric garage door running lamp 'by flashing straighten bright future, 1 press and hold' set button 'for 2 seconds. 'Set the release button' into the cap of a learning status; Running lights flashing, 'hold the' add button '2. At the same time door to open the door direction ( At this point, the door need to open the door direction, if close to the direction, please change the motor line) To cap a later release 'add button' at this time by 'increase' and 'reduce the key' fine-tuning) Hold down the 'set button', confirm the current location for ceiling, running lights will shine 'after go out, status lamp' bright, loosen 'Settings button' into the lower limit of a state of learning
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