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What are the typical features of electric gate?

by:Chi     2020-04-20
1. Shutter door body modelling is novel and attractive, with flexible, structure compact, occupies a space xiaoke is widely applied in the structure of the inside and outside the door. 2. Door electric drive, lightweight flexible, up and down stroke by limit switch automatic control, convenient operation, safe and reliable. Can manual operation when the power was cut off. 3. Totally enclosed door type of door sealing good, windproof, dustproof, insulation, corrosion resistance. Door through special processing can also have fire prevention function. 4. Aus advanced structure, complete functions, overheating protection device, can protect the motor in high temperature overload. 5. Can be mounted to the remote control, electric gate can remote control open and close. 6. Electric gate profile is the main local electric gate doors and Windows, its performance determines the whole performance of the doors and Windows. Composite electric gate aluminum alloy profile selection of quality, Steel) Double rolling, multi-layer paint on the surface, not filled with middle carbon fluorinated full content of poly (amino acid foam insulation materials, with sophisticated production technology and manufacturing technology of production and electric gate door, pleasing in appearance color soft and horizontal ectype design, reflects the level of aesthetic feeling. Winding diameter is small, strong and durable, suitable for the new and old buildings. 7. The latest milk white curtain series, elegant style, create a thick atmosphere, other colors can be mass customized according to customer requirements ( Light gray, brown, tan, cream color, sand light sand color, etc. ) A variety of specifications, according to the scope of scientific choice application range is very wide, is one of the most popular architectural decoration in the world.
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