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Characteristics and advantages of industrial door panels:

Characteristics and advantages of industrial door panels:


The interface of the industrial door panel is on the back, and the panel and the back panel are engaged together without scratching the wall surface during use. The safety is good, and the panel and the back panel overlap four layers to form a reinforcing rib that runs through the entire door panel. The hinge is fixed in any position and is very strong.

The sealing strips used between industrial door panels can reduce the friction between the door panels, reduce the noise of the door panels, and at the same time play a better sealing role.

The back panel of the industrial sliding door extends into the rigid polyurethane about 1.5cm, which fully plays the role of fixing the foam material, so as to prevent the separation of the color steel plate and the foam material.

And because of the special interface design of CHI industrial door panel under external force, the panel and the back panel bite together. Under the gravity of the upper panel and the lower panel, the groove interface plane is stressed to ensure that the door panel will not crack. The central axis of the industrial lift door is just lying in the groove where the upper and lower door panels intersect, and can be fixed at any position in the horizontal groove, which is very convenient to install.

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