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How to buy garage door accessories correctly? These eight points must be known

How to buy garage door accessories correctly? These eight points must be known


Garage door accessories are an important part of a complete set of garage doors. The selection and quality determination of garage door accessories are issues that many users are very concerned about. Here is a brief introduction in the form of question and answer:

1. What are the most common parts of a complete garage door?

There are many types of garage doors. The segmented upper slide garage door referred to in this article (usually called the rear flap remote control garage door). This type of garage door generally consists of three main components: door panels, accessories, and door openers.

 2. What parts do garage door accessories generally refer to?

Also called garage door hardware accessories, it mainly includes three parts: balance system (wire rope + rope wheel + water pipe + water pipe bracket + torsion spring), (hinge) hinge, guide support (rail pulley, etc.).

3. What are the main functions of each part of the garage door accessories?

Balance system: Use the elastic force of the spring to balance the gravity of the door leaf to reduce the resistance of the door leaf and operation, and improve the reliability and safety of the system during operation. Among them, the torsion spring is the top priority in the balance system. The torsion spring on the door is like the human heart, second only to the motor.

 Hinges are also called hinges: they can be divided into middle hinges and end hinges (side hinges) according to different installation positions. The middle hinge connects two adjacent door panels and enables them to rotate relatively, and also has the function of supporting the rollers on the track.

Guide support frame: refers to the combination of guide rails, rollers and various brackets supporting the guide rails, guiding the running track of the door leaf and supporting the weight of the door leaf. The key is the track. The thickness of the track is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, etc. In China, there is even 1.2mm. Although the price has been reduced, this thinness has safety hazards and will greatly reduce the service life of the door. It is not recommended use. Unless you care about the price!

4. What kind of ideal effect should the balance system achieve? What are the main factors affecting the balance effect?

For a well-balanced garage door, the ideal state is to disengage the door opener clutch and hold the door body in your hand. After lightly applying force, the door body can move in the direction of the force. At any position during the operation of the door body, let go of the back door body Can keep moving up and down.

The main factors that affect the balance effect: one is the quality of the spring, and the other is whether the choice of spring parameters is reasonable. The third is the structural form and manufacturing precision of related hardware.

5. How many types of common hinges are there? What is the impact of quality on our operations?

According to the different door panel structure, it is usually divided into two categories: ordinary hinge and anti-pinch hinge. Ordinary hinges are divided into 1-12 models.

Main effects: running noise, running resistance, service life, appearance.

6. What are the main factors affecting the quality of the balance spring?

A. The most widely used spring materials are carbon spring steel, low manganese spring steel, silicon spring steel and chrome alum steel, etc. It is difficult for non-professionals to judge from the appearance. In order to ensure that the spring can work reliably, its material should meet high strength limit and yield limit, but also must have high spring limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness, plasticity and good heat treatment processability.

B. Processing technology: including winding forming technology and heat treatment technology.

7. What are the quality problems that often occur in guiding supports?

Guide rail: First, the shape is irregular, especially the uneven material distribution or shape variation in the curved rail part, which leads to the phenomenon of running hairpin or roller derailment. The second is that the anti-corrosion treatment of materials is not standardized, which is easy to rust.

Roller: deformed, running obstructed, not smooth; nylon roller may also have the phenomenon of nylon cracking.

8. How to judge the grade of ordinary hinge and anti-pinching hinge?

Hinges (hinges) are like human joints. They must have a certain degree of tightness and sensitivity. If the hinge gap is larger, it will be loose. If it is smaller, it will issue cards.

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