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How to repair the garage door in life?

How to repair the garage door in life?

Garage doors are made of nylon and carbon steel with a galvanized finish. Garage door roller for 2" garage door track. Its function is to ensure that the door body slides on the track. The handle length is divided into 4 inches and 7 inches, which are used for single garage garage doors and double garage garage doors respectively.

Cleaning and maintenance process:

First clean and then inspect. The garage door has been opened to repair the motor. When using internal accessories, you should first check whether the inside of the machine is clean. If you find dust, dirt, spider webs between the components, leads, wiring and gold fingers in the machine Or excess solder, soldering oil, etc., should be removed first, and then inspected, which can not only reduce natural failures but also achieve a multiplier effect. Practice has shown that many faults are caused by dirt, and the faults tend to disappear automatically once cleaned.


Troubleshooting plan:

Garage doors are installed in the garages of every household. When failures are inevitable during use, how should the garage door opener be repaired? Before repairing, it is necessary to find out the root cause of the failure, is it There is a problem with the remote control signal receiving part on the door opener.


First,Check whether the battery time is too long. According to the regulations in the manual, the battery is generally replaced every two years. If the battery exceeds the battery, the battery should be replaced.

Second, check the problem of the receiver motherboard. If there is no problem with other parts, then there is a problem with the motherboard. Speaking of repair, it's actually quite simple. Looking for relevant answers on the Internet, you can find a way to repair it without much effort, that is to replace the antenna. A thin wire of thirty to forty centimeters is hung under each door opener, which is used as an antenna to receive remote control signals.

three. When the receiver does not work well at the beginning, and the signal receiving distance is gradually getting closer and closer, it is because of the antenna, it may be broken or other reasons, change a slightly thicker, longer After the point of the antenna, the problem is solved.


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