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How to tell if your garage door spring needs to be replaced?

How to tell if your garage door spring needs to be replaced?

 As one of the core components of the garage door, the garage door spring is responsible for supporting the weight of the door and the operation of the garage door. But over time, garage door springs may show signs of wear and age, which may require replacement. Here are some key factors in determining whether your garage door springs need replacing:

   1. Spring service life: Spring service life is one of the primary factors to consider. Generally speaking, the service life of a standard garage door spring is about 7 to 10 years. If your garage door has been in use for a long time but the springs have not been replaced, then you need to be alert to whether it has exceeded its useful life.

   2. Appearance of the spring: Regularly checking the appearance of the spring is an effective way to judge its health. Observe whether there is obvious rust, cracks, deformation, etc. on the surface of the spring. The occurrence of these phenomena may be a sign of spring failure and timely replacement should be considered.

   3. Spring tension: Insufficient or excessive spring tension will affect the normal operation of the garage door. You can gently pull the garage door to see if it is balanced and stuck, and whether the door can stay in the open or closed position. If there is obvious imbalance or binding, the spring may have lost tension and needs to be repaired or replaced.

   4. Spring noise: The spring will make some noise when working normally, but if you hear abnormal noise, such as harsh metal friction or breaking sound, it may be a sign of a problem with the spring. It is recommended to check and replace it in time. .

   5. Garage door lifting height: Spring failure will cause abnormal changes in the garage door lifting height. If the lift height of the door body drops significantly, the spring may not provide enough support and needs to be replaced.

   6. Frequent failures: If the garage door spring frequently fails, such as breaking, twisting, etc., it may be that its life is nearing the end, and replacement is an inevitable choice to ensure the normal operation of the garage door.

   7. Professional inspection: Ultimately, in order to ensure safety and accurately determine whether the garage door spring needs to be replaced, it is recommended to ask a professional garage door maintenance personnel to conduct an inspection. Professionals can detect the tension and status of the spring through instruments and provide you with detailed maintenance suggestion.

   Overall, regular inspection and maintenance of your garage door springs is key to ensuring long-term, stable operation of your garage door. If abnormal signs are found, take timely measures to avoid the inconvenience and safety hazards caused by spring failure. By paying attention to the service life, appearance, tension, noise, lifting height and professional inspection of the spring, you can better judge whether the garage door spring needs to be replaced and ensure the normal and safe operation of the garage door.


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