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The Difference Between Garage Door and a Rolling Door

The Difference Between Garage Door and a Rolling Door


Garage electric lift doors are better than ordinary rolling doors and have better flame retardancy. Garage plants are more and more prone to fire, which can better protect the plant. Moreover, the Garage lift door adopts double-layer hot galvanized steel plate with polyurethane foam filling inside, so the cost is not good, so it is very suitable. Both doors are equipped with motors, but the motors of Garage lift doors have many more functions, such as external remote control, radar, etc.

The Garage electric lift door uses bearings when it is running, so it does not produce huge noise like rolling doors. The torsion spring balance system is also used, so even if there is no electricity, the motor can not be used, and it can run easily, while the rolling door can only rely on the motor, and the flexibility is not high. We can often see small doors, small windows, etc. opened on the lift doors of various Garage garage doors, which are very convenient for the staff in the factory, and at the same time can ensure the safety of the door operation and save energy. At this point, the rolling shutter door did not do the same. In the rational use of space, the Garage electric lift door has also been well used. For example, it can run along the ceiling and the wall installation track of the garage door industry, which not only saves space, but also improves the space utilization rate of the workshop.

In contrast, there are indeed many differences between Garage electric lift doors and rolling shutter doors, and there are many more advantages than rolling shutter doors.

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