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The difference between industrial sliding door and roller shutter door

The difference between industrial sliding door and roller shutter door


Industrial sliding door is also called automatic sliding door, electric sliding door, etc. The thickness of industrial sliding door is 40-50mm, which is composed of high-density polyurethane foam material sandwiched by double-sided color steel plate, according to customer needs. Configure different devices. The electric roller shutter door is a series of multi-joint movable door pieces, which are driven by a motor set, and rotates the upper and lower doors around the roller shaft above the door in a fixed slide. The difference between the industrial sliding door and the roller shutter door is reflected in two aspects: structure and material.

1. Structure

1. The door body of the industrial sliding door adopts horizontal split hinge connection to make the door easier to repair and replace. At the same time, small doors and small windows can be opened, and the use of interlocking devices to open small doors facilitates the passage of personnel and ensures the safety of the gate operation, fully reflecting the convenience of the passage and saving energy.

2. The industrial sliding door can be installed along the ceiling and the wall to make reasonable use of space when the door body is running. It overcomes the shortcoming that the industrial rolling door can only use a fixed installation space, and improves the space utilization rate inside the workshop.

3. The industrial sliding door adopts a torsion spring balance system to balance the weight of the door body, so that the door can easily run without a motor, changing the mode in which the roller shutter door only depends on the motor to increase the convenience of the door.

4. The door body adopts the bearing type operation, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of the loud noise of the rolling door, but also makes the door run more smoothly.

Second, the material

1. The door body of the industrial sliding door of ChI Hardware is made of double-layer hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with internal polyurethane foam filling. Compared with the ordinary rolling door, the flame resistance is improved, and the cost is greatly reduced compared with the rolling door.

2. Compared with the roller shutter door motor, the industrial sliding door motor has added many functions. It can be connected with electrical switches such as remote controller, radar, and geomagnetic ring; it can be connected with protection devices such as infrared rays and airbag safety edges.

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