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The importance of garage door parts

The importance of garage door parts


First, physical function

In general, the physical function of doors and windows has a direct relationship with the structural function of the hardware. At present, the structure of such hardware and profile systems used in China's door and window industry is the same as that of the current system in Europe.

Second, economic function

The garage door industry also has fierce market competition. One of the important ways to break away from the single price competition and create a benign market environment is to continuously enrich the functions of the garage door products and use the advantages of technology to expand the profit margin of the garage door products. The important part that can enrich the function of fast rolling door products is hardware accessories. The hardware of the same opening method has different structural forms and corresponding profiles, and the products of different materials also provide multiple choices for the market because of their different prices.

Third, the entire window life

The quality of hardware has a certain impact on the life of CHI garage doors. Generally speaking, the service life of hardware through anti-corrosion and anti-rust is 10 years, which is enough to meet the needs of normal building doors and windows. Experts pointed out that good hardware should look thick, and the surface gloss should be good, the protective layer is dense, and there is no scratching.

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