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Which kind of garage door to choos

Which kind of garage door to choos


Garage doors are a must-have for car owners. There are many types of garage doors, such as flap doors, rolling doors, swing doors, folding doors, etc. The more common ones are the rolling door and the flap garage door. So which is better for garage doors? In fact, they each have their own advantages.


The advantages of rolling shutter doors:


1, the price is cheap, the thickness of the door panel of the rolling door is relatively thin, so the amount of the intermediate filler will also be reduced. In addition, the motor's implementation standards are relatively low, so it is relatively cheaper in price.


2. The rolling door is generally divided into three parts. The assembly is relatively simple and the installation speed is fast. Two people can install more than a dozen sets of doors a day.


3. Roller shutters have ordinary roller blinds and European roller blinds;


4. The rolling door is in the fixed slide, and the upper and lower reels of the door are turned up and down. Rolling shutter garage door: there are ordinary roller blinds and European roller blinds.


Advantages of the sectional garage door:


1, good sealing, compared to the rolling door, it has a special sealing strip, the sealing is relatively better.


2, the insulation performance is good, the thickness of the door panel is more than that of the rolling door, the thickness is doubled, and the heat preservation performance is also increased.


3. Durable, a set of guide wheel system is added between the track and the door body, instead of the guide rail and the door body directly rubbing, so the durability of the whole door is increased, and the matching motor is added. The standard is higher than the rolling door standard, making the starting system more durable than the rolling door.


4. The drive motor is an external motor or a tubular motor. Its control mode can be operated manually or by electric remote control. It is very convenient to use and can be equipped with a safety system to prevent danger.


From this point of view, CHI HARDWARE CORPORATION LIIMTED think that the sectional garage door is better, cost-effective, stable performance, high grade, reasonable structural design, beautiful appearance, but the price will be relatively high, which depends on your own consumption level and preferences. It’s time to settle.

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